Megacentre Superhero Park Run

superhero-run-poster-1On 29th October 2016 loads of us will be running the 5k route of the Hockley Woods parkrun dressed as our favourite Superheroes!  The idea is to do something fun together, raise some awareness about our work as a charity and raise a bit of cash for our work with young people and families.

Our kind friends at Hockey Wood parkrun have allowed us to piggy-back on their amazing weekly organised run for the event. The run starts at 9am and you will need to sign up for Hockley Wood parkrun to take part – it’s free!  You don’t need to be an amazing runner and you can walk the route whilst chatting if you want!!!

To get involved, follow these steps:

  1. Email Jamie.sawtell(at), our CEO, to let him know you’re getting involved
  2. Sign Up For Hockley Woods Parkrun – and click ‘Register’
  3. Sign Up to our Total Giving page for online donations using the following method
    1. Go to
    2. Search for ‘Megacentre Rayleigh’
    3. Click ‘View Profile’, then Click ‘Fundraise’
    4. Choose a Page title – e.g. Jamie’s Megacentre Fundraising Page
    5. Select ‘Superhero Park Run’ on the event drop down
    6. Enter your fundraising target (suggested a minimum of £100)
    7. Enter a personal message to show on your page. An example could be ‘I’m raising funds to support the Megacentre Rayleigh by running 5k dressed as my favourite Superhero! The Megacentre Rayleigh provides support services to local young people and families including youth clubs, school support, child development programmes and parent support.’
    8. Click a banner picture – or upload your own!
    9. Add more photos or video if you want to (please keep these appropriate!)
    10. Add your Email Address to log in (or use your Facebook details)
    11. Add your personal details (only address is essential)
    12. Choose your page web address (e.g. your name)
    13. Click the link to check your page (You can log in and change details at any time by going to the website and clicking on ‘Individual Account’ in the option list)
  4. Share the link to your page on Facebook and with friends and family to get the sponsors in! You might want to explore to find out more about our work with Young People and Families to help you talk to sponsors
  5. Get yourself a fantastic superhero costume
  6. Put in a bit of practice – once you’re signed up you can go to Hockley Parkrun every Saturday if you want!
  7. Turn Up on the 29th Oct at 9am and do the event!
  8. For more information – email Jamie.sawtell (at)