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Megazone Laser Games

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Our Megazone Laser Arena is equipped with the latest high-tech Laser packs providing the very best experience for our users.  Adults and children from approx. 6 years can join in the fun with the excitement and thrilling involvement of the Megazone Laser game, set in our 2 storey arena for up to 36 players.  The game consists of each player wearing a specially designed pack, which records individual scores based on how many times you ‘shoot’ other players’ packs and how many times your pack records a hit.  Game modes can be adjusted to fit your needs, whether you want to just enjoy a game with your children or help your colleagues in a team building game.

You will receive a full explanation on how to play the game and staff will be on hand for help and support during game play.

See our FAQ page for more information.

Please see our Centre literature and notices for Rules of Play and Terms and Conditions.

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