The Theatre

The Theatre

Set in an ideal location at Rayleigh Weir, The MegaCentre Theatre and Cinema is the perfect location for one day Events and Productions for any group or Organisation.

Hire of the Theatre itself includes Air Conditioning, 6ft Tall dance mirror with a Ballet Bar the length of one wall, comfortable linking chairs for up to 70 people (self set up). Stereo audio system for CD/MP3 input and up to 2 XLR Microphones. White coloured dimmer spot lights and use of rear/side stage curtains and front tabs.

Additional facilities for hire include:

● Tiered padded seating for 192
● 1228 sq ft open plan Dressing Area with sound proofed adjoining doors
● 5 Metre Cinema Screen with Surround Sound (DVD/Blu-Ray inputs)
● 32 Channel Mixing Console with RCF Subs, Top Mid boxes and Floor Monitors
● 5 Lighting Bars with 14 BriteQ Expo lights, 14 BriteQ Stage Beamers, 4 BriteQ Stage Painters, 2 Moving Heads and a 3D Spectral Laser.

Theatre Hall Hire – 14.8 x 18.0 metres (2874 square feet).

Air Conditioned, 6ft Tall dance mirror with Ballet Bar length of one wall, linking chairs for up to 70 people (self set up). Stereo audio system for CD/MP3 input and up to 2 XLR Microphones. White coloured dimmer spot lights.

We have recently installed side/back of stage curtains and 2 front tabs. We have also installed a 14m front of house curtain track with a 1 metre overlap which is line pulled. The two side tabs are 3 metres wide and drop 4.5 metres. The side and back track is one long track system with curved pieces back left and back right, this allows the curtain to be manually pulled round into position to suit your application. There is always room for the actors to move around the back of the track to allow entry from either side of the stage.

The curtains are cut into multiple sections to allow entry at different points and they hang 4.5 metres long with the total length of the track exceeding 18 metres. All the curtains are made from a high quality super wool surge fabric in black with 50% fullness.

Theatre Seating
192 tiered, padded seats.

Dressing Room – 14.1 x 8.8 metres (1288 square feet)
Sound proofed adjoining doors to theatre. Air con and dividers not present in room.

Cinema Screen
5 Metre cinema screen with surround sound. DVD and Blu-ray formats supported. VGA and Phono inputs at rear and front of room.

PA System (Live music events)
Peavey FX 32 stage USB mixing console, 2 x RCF 4PRO 6001A top mid boxes, 4 x RCF 4PRO 8001AS 18″ sub boxes, 2 x Wharfedale 15″ powered floor monitors and 2 x Wharfedale 15″ unpowered floor monitors.

We offer 5 lighting bars packed with state of the art LED lighting fixtures. Installed are 14 BriteQ Expo lights which are perfect for individual white spots or when used together can create a powerful general stage wash. 14 BriteQ Stage Beamers will provide you with colour spots using the built in red, green and blue LED’s, these colours can also be colour mixed to create many other colours including pink, cyan and orange. The colour stage wash is provided by 4 BriteQ Stage Painters that also use red, green and blue LED’s and have the capability to colour mix as well. Sophisticated DMX control has been used throughout this installation meaning the lights can be controlled from our booth area..